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ISO 50001 Energy Management


Improved energy efficiency is becoming a higher priority for everybody. There are ambitious targets at both national and European level for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years, and most businesses will be impacted in some form or another. Adopting an Energy Management System (EnMS) can help your organisation to address these challenges in a systematic way.


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Why develop an EnMS?

The advantages are clear: it has been claimed that implementing an EnMS can lead to energy savings of between 5 and 22%.

  • Measure your energy consumption
  • Use continual improvement for more efficient and sustainable energy consumption
  • Implement an energy performance programme
  • Better practice in energy matters
  • Gain control of your energy consumption
  • Include energy in your investment choices


What is ISO 50001?

It is a certifiable standard that is applicable to all organisations, regardless of size or activity. It enables you to develop a structured approach to improve energy efficiency. Continual improvement is defined in terms of more efficient energy consumption. The standard provides a framework for your system, but does not define specific performance indicators. This means that your indicators and system reflect the specific needs of your organisation.


Specific requirements of ISO 50001

The new standard introduces the practice of identifying energy aspects (areas of potentially significant energy consumption) It also incorporates energy considerations into the procurement process.

Measuring progress is an important chapter in the standard. A metering approach is suggested, using the results of the initial review to establish a baseline from which to measure improvement.


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