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One of the major strengths of environmental standards is they can be voluntarily self-adapted. For a business or an organization, opting for a standard makes it possible to plan ahead on requirements that will soon be made legal - and therefore compulsory.

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When the standard implemented is focused on management, quality, products, systems, processes, metrics or testing, there are now a number of 'open source' applications enabling socio-economics actors to open their eyes to environmental realities without risk of handicapping their economic potential.


Indeed, leverage like environmental management system certification (ISO 14001), the NF Environnement mark, or the European Ecolabel proposed as part of AFNOR services can transform what looks like a constraint into an innovation initiative geared to generate competitive advantage.


ISO 14001

Certification to ISO 14001 demonstrates your company's commitment to continual improvement in environmental performance and compliance with your stated policy. It also delivers significant cost benefits in terms of increased efficiency and waste minimisation.


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Applicable to companies of all sizes and types, certification to ISO 14001 provides a dynamic mechanism for the development of effective environmental management. AFAQ-EAQA provides internationally recognised, accredited certification. Download the brochure below for more information on environmental certification.


AFAQ Environment Step by Step

If the thought of trying directly for ISO 14001 seems too daunting a prospect, you might like to try a phased approach.


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