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AFNOR is an international services delivery network:

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Integrated management system

The effectiveness of any organisation's Safety, Environment and Quality Management Systems is a major indicator of its ability to manage change and secure a viable future. The cost to an organisation if one or more of its systems are not functioning correctly can be crippling.


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Quality auditing and quality management form the bedrock of business quality policy and its implementation across the company. At the end of the day, quality boils down to the company's ability to deploy services and products that meet user/consumer needs.


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One of the major strengths of environmental standards is they can be voluntarily self-adapted. For a business or an organization, opting for a standard makes it possible to plan ahead on requirements that will soon be made legal - and therefore compulsory.


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Occupational Health and Safety

OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) is a component of risk management. Businesses always tend to experience risk management as a constraint. It has to be said that the pressure exerted by stiff bank and insurance requirements and the conditions bearing on access to their risk coverage services convince many directors that it is simply not a viable option. The key to meeting this challenge is: prevention.


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Sustainable development

Forward-thinking sustainable development solutions, spanning both the investment input and potential opportunities output, have now been scaled and quantified. The solutions are tailored to word from the business world. From an ethical, environmental and social responsibility stance, sustainability is set to be a mid-term factor driving increased turnover, lower expenditure, and better growth in profitability.


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